Online Reputation Management Case Study

Attack on Online Reputation Management Companies

Recently many online reputation management companies have fallen under attack by what is presumed to be a competitor. Here is what we know:

  • The companies attacked all rank for the term “online reputation management”  in Google
  • The complaints are nearly word-for-word identical
  • These complaints are being linked to from spam websites and in blog posts
  • This attack is believed to have started in late 2009
  • The attacker is using false information to post the complaints
  • It goes without saying, these complaints are, in fact, false

Here is a screenshot from one of the complaint sites on May 25, 2010. Nine of the ten most recent entries are complaints for the top ranking online reputation management companies.

Multiple complaints where filed against different companies all with similar text.
False complaint listing multiple companies
Similar complaint against a marketing company
Similar complaint against

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